Impact Week Nairobi 2015

Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship
  • Category
    Event, Design Thinking
  • Date:
    July 2015
  • Partners:
    Africa Nazarene University Nairobi, Kirche in Aktion
  • Team:
    19 German professionals
  • My responsabilities:
    Social Media, General Organization, Workshop Support for Design Thinking & Business Model Generation
  • Links:
    Website,Impact Week Video,,Impact Week Video ANU
The idea

Impact Week is a one-week program that unites people from a variety of countries to develop sustainable business models. Different innovation techniques like Design Thinking and Business Model Generation are used. 2015 for the first time the Impact Week took place in Nairobi. In Kenya a gap between young students having great ideas on how to solve the country's problems, but at the same time not knowing hot to implement and develop those indeas into businesses has been detected. This issue was especially addressed within the 5-day event. The Impact Week Nairobi 2016 will follow.

The result

The impact week was a big success. Eight winning teams received price money, expertise support and are now part of the one-year incubator, which was founded during the Impact Week, at the Africa Nazarene University. Within this incubator they are working on their ideas to create sustainable businesses that will have an impact on their country and on ociety.

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Photo credit Nino Halm