Giraffe Centre (AFEW) Digital Audit & more

Centre/Visitor Research & UX Consultance
  • Category
    User Research, Design Consultance, User Experience
  • Date:
    March - May 2016
  • Team:
  • Location:
    Nairobi, Karen
  • My responsabilities:
    Visitor Research & Evaluation, Surveys, User Journey, Development of Ideas & Recommendations for the Giraffe Centre
  • Links:
    AFEW Website
The Challenge

The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, also better known as Giraffe Centre which is based in Nairobi, Kenya approached the local digital strategy consultancy Nendo to receive help with improving their digital performance and appearance. As specialists in Digital Auditing Nendo happily proceeded with the 6 week audit. At the same time and to exceed the original digital audit, my expertise was used to support the centre's visitor research and to add value beyond the pure digital. This included observing the complete centre and its visitors, detect their true needs and wishes and then implement a toolbox with possible ideas and recommendations to improve the centre's presentation and its activities.

The Approach

The User Centered Design approach was used to perform the local visitor, staff and centre research. Surveys, personal interviews and observations helped us to get an intense overview about the visitor types and target groups, their behavior as well as their wishes and needs. These information were evaluated and mapped, and prepared into overview graphics to help AFEW work with the collected research. The developed ideas and recommendations for the centre were processed and prepared as a toolbox for best possible usage.

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