A career-choice-support system
  • Category
    System, Interactive, Research, Concept
  • Date:
  • Time Frame:
    4 months
  • Purpose:
    Bachelor Thesis University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
  • My Focus:
    User & Design Research, Interviews, Concept Development, Rough Prototype
The challenge

Students of Generation Y are increasingly lost and desperate with finding their way to a profession that they feel passionate about. Too many opportunities, possibilities and wrong expectations limit their potention on becoming self-confident and aware adults. Even though it is still a niche topic and concerns the students in developing countries, I was searching for a way to help these students.

The solution

A three-component-system which combines the best possible tools in a website, a mobile application and a real mentoring system shall support the students. Based on their character & personality, their own wishes and needs as well as psychologically established questions and relevant inspiration, the student is (by choice) constantly but indirectly concerned with working on himself. Through comfortable usability and joy of use the whole process is less of a burden and more of a friendly companion that helps to get the student back on his track. The concept for the system was developed within my Bachelor thesis and focus was set on the mobile phone application.

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