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Human-Centered and User Experience Design & Research

Diligent Desk and Field Research forms the most important foundation for truly Human-Centered Design. Through Collaborative Design we will get to the core of your product and idea and make it user friendly and appealing, but also effective and authentic. Branding can be part of that. Usability Testing will make sure that the final product runs smoothly and your clients have an unforgettable experience. I offer Research, Concept Development, Usability Testing as well as consultation.

Product and Project Management

With a broad understanding of Human Nature, Human-Centered Design, Technology and Management as well as a deeper understanding for people, as a Product or Project Manager I will be the link between the different fields of expertise that have to come together to create your product. My task is to understand and create the Big Picture and the Strategy and to work wholeheartedly for the product’s success, as well as to create and lead an exceptional team that will make all of this possible.

Design Thinking

You need new ideas or better solutions to your problems. Design Thinking is a fine way of bringing people together to develop out-of-the-box ideas. Through a flexible workshop process, and often within a short amount of time, a fresh view with fitting solutions will be developed with long-term success for your product or project.

Who am I?

Optimistic – empathetic – idealist - all-rounder
Human Behavior

Understanding how we all perceive the world differently based on our (especially childhood) experiences moves me most.

People driven

Always, absolutely always it truly is and should be about the people, their relationships and needs, no matter what the product is.

Seeking Challenges

With the right mindset, we can be anything. Same counts for solving problems. You say it cannot be done? Let me proof you wrong.


I love psychology & design, but to understand the bigger picture I am passionate to expand my knowledge to any other field of expertise.

My background

Understand with whom you are working with
Education & Experience

With an interdisciplinary German-Irish degree in Digital Media with focus on Interaction Design, User Centered and UX Design as well as Video Production, I am constantly seeking to extend my competencies to assure sound and excellent work results. Understanding human behavior is one of my secrets

to take my professional work to another level. During several overseas projects and stays in the USA, Morocco and Kenya, as well as work experience with international communication & innovation agencies and global brands such as Mercedes Benz, Loewe and BASF, I have gained intense intercultural and

professional expertise and a broader understanding of what it means to work in international surroundings. Currently I am located in Helsinki, Finland, acquiring a Master degree in Collaborative and Industrial Design at Aalto University.

Work Philosophy

If I don’t know something, I will read about it and acquire the skill and knowledge in demand. I am utmost ambitious to find the best possible solution for any problem and even though some situations may seem hopeless, I believe there are always

different roads that can be taken to arrive at the desired destination. I offer professional and reliable work and communication and I take deadlines and agreements very serious. Unforeseen changes will be tackled with flexible work processes.

What I believe is most important? That would be our teamwork, understanding your needs and most of all, your client's needs, from which everyone will happily benefit.

Some of my work

Get a first impression
Project Example

Giraffe Centre (AFEW) Digital Audit & more

Observing the Centre and its visitors to detect room for improvements
Project Example

Impact Week Nairobi

Introducing Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship to students in Kenya
Project Example


Research and Concept for a career-choice-support-system
Project Example


Concept and Prototype for a smart home entertainment
Project Example


Concept and Prototype for an unlimited museum experience
Project Example

First Aid Trainer

Concept and Prototype of an interactive desktop application