Designing the invisible

Sara Gottschalk

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Core Competence

Creating sustainable design solutions for issues that matter
People | Research

By gaining deep and genuine understanding of a problem and people's environments and concerns, I am able to represent a human perspective in design. With the help of human centred design methodologies and tools, I analyse simple and complex topics, break them down, formulate design principles and key requirements and communicate all steps in a transparent way, visually, in writing and in form of presentations, to pro-actively ensure that the design solutions will represent well-grounded, holistic and sustainable improvements.

Experiences | Services | Strategies

Based on well-founded research and a broad understanding of the problem, compelling ideas and sustainable, appealing and user-friendly design solutions are developed, collaboratively with the client and other experts. The ideation and design process lives from clear and open communication, the inclusion of all stakeholders, plus the efficient and effective application of strategic, human centered design methodology, systems and design thinking as well as other necessary design methods and tools.

Who am I?

Empathetic - Advocate - Holistic thinker

Asking the right questions, an eye for details, getting things done, solving problems, strong values

Social Design

Passion for understanding and enhancing the human experience, human wellbeing and capacity

Holistic Thinking

Making use of interdisciplinary thinking to develop sustainable solutions


Capacity building, behavior change, emotional intelligence, social wellbeing, nature and wildlife conservation

My background

And so shall our past not define our future
Education & Experience

With an interdisciplinary German-Irish degree in Digital Media and focus on Interaction Design, User Centered Experience Design and Video Production, I am constantly seeking to extend and deepen my competencies to assure sound and sustainable work

results. My self-driven passion for understanding the human experience is my key to taking my work to a greater level. During longer stays and projects in the USA, Morocco, Kenya, Uganda, Germany and Finland, as well as work experience with international communication

and innovation agencies and global brands, I have gained valuable intercultural and professional experiences. Currently I am located in Helsinki, Finland, acquiring a Master degree in Collaborative and Industrial Design at Aalto University.

Work Philosophy

I appreciate my passions and strengths, and yet it is clear to me that learning never ends and that each project and client is unique and requires cutomized services and carful listening and mediation between all the stakeholders involved. I am used to expanding

my knowledge and curiosity and am eager to learn more every day. To be able to co-create with other designers, engineers, scientists, marketers or external professionals and strategists makes the process most real and the solution more solid.

I must say, I love what I do and yet there is so much more. I am not reluctant to push boundaries and challenge the status quo, if that's what makes sense within the bigger picture.


Kindly find my CV below. Portfolio available upon request.